This is the main sitemap for the site Home education in the UK, showing the broad subjects covered. Many of the pages listed lead to further pages, or links outside the site. Since there are now so many articles on three main topics (home education in general, mathematics, and parenting) these have their own index pages with brief descriptions of each relevant article.

Home education information UK – general introduction and front page to this site
Home education articles – articles about home education including the social aspects
Maths articles – introducing maths at various levels in home education
Parenting articles – family life and dealing with childhood problems in general

Home education information and links:

Why home educate? – what are the pros and cons of homeschooling or home education?
Preparing to educate a young child at home – there are no legal requirements, just go for it!
De-registering a child from school – what to do if your child is in school
Getting started – what to expect in the first months of home educating
Different styles – These will depend on your personality and preferences
General links – links to general sites about home education
Local group sites – links to mailing lists or sites related to British home educators’ groups
GCSE guide – how can home educators take GCSEs if they wish to?
Home Education abroad – links to home education in places other than the UK
Home educators’ blogs – online journals by home educating families
Books about home education – a few of the relevant books with brief reviews
Home education in the media – links to online articles from newspapers or the BBC
Home education under threat – why the ‘Badman’ report of 2009 was a problem for home educators
Learning plan Рtongue-in-cheek formal plan for a home education year

Sitemap of resources:

Organised resources for home educators – a few different styles of ready-packaged curricula
Homeschool resources
— building your own resources for home educating
—-Art and craft
—-Foreign languages
—-Religious Education

Sitemap of subjects

—- Speaking and Listening
—- Reading
—- Writing
—- Grammar, spelling and the secondary years
—- Basic punctuation for written English
—- Parts of speech: introduction to basic grammar
—- Nouns
—- Verbs
—- Pronouns
—- Adjectives
—- Adverbs

—- Starting to think like a scientist
—- Science at primary level
—- Science at secondary level