Art and craft resources

While there’s no substitute for visiting a real art gallery, there are now a vast array of art and craft resources online which can help you to get an idea of different artists’ styles, and a glimpse of some of the artistic treasures of the world. Some of these are listed below.

National gallery UK – see some of the collections online, by theme or by period; read biographies of some famous artists; find background information to classical and mythological references in some of the pictures.

(Note that most major art galleries in the UK and elsewhere have online resources – try searching by name, or for ‘art galleries’).

Monet’s art – Links to anything related to Claude Monet, including his gardens at Giverny and lots of paintings. Suitable for all ages. See also C Monet gallery for more information about the author and his artwork, or the Artsy Monet¬†site which has extensive information about this artist and exhibitions of his work.

Van Gogh gallery – information about the post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, with a gallery of his work. You can also visit the Van Gogh art history site.

Michaelangelo’s art – a site devoted to the life and works of the 16th century artist and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Constable’s gallery – information and images of the famous English countryside painter in the Romantic period of art. There’s more biographic detail and more images at the Artble Constable page.

Picasso collection – images and details of many of this 20th century artist’s works. ¬†Also Picasso and his paintings which has more extensive biographical information.

Art junction – mostly intended for teachers, this is a big site with ideas for helping children learn to be artistic, a gallery of children’s artwork, and some suggested art projects. Well worth browsing.

Paper craft – download and print hundreds of designs, with instructions online, to create a wide variety of paper objects – animals, vehicles, national costumes, buildings around the world and much more. Something for all age groups.

Papier mache – excellent and thorough site explaining all that is needed for papier mache models, with several tutorials as well as some articles.

Kinder art – American site intended for home educating parents who want to teach art and craft formally. Hundreds of ‘lessons’ listing required resources for various projects – plenty of ideas, and they can always be presented informally!

Art studio – explanations about perspective, atmosphere, shading and other techniques. Ideal for teenage artists wanting to learn more.

Figure drawing – detailed and clear explanations of how to draw figures and portraits. Excellent resource for teenagers and adults.

Blender 3d graphics – my sons’ favourite 3d modelling program. The program is freeware and downloadable from this site. Galleries show the kind of artwork that can be produced using Blender.

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