Art and craft resources

While there’s no substitute for visiting a real art gallery, there are now a vast array of art and craft resources online which can help you to get an idea of different artists’ styles, and a glimpse of some of the artistic treasures of the world. Some of these are listed below.

National gallery UK – see some of the collections online, by theme or by period; read biographies of some famous artists; find background information to classical and mythological references in some of the pictures.

(Note that most major art galleries in the UK and elsewhere have online resources – try searching by name, or for ‘art galleries’).

Monet’s art – Links to anything related to Claude Monet, including his gardens at Giverny and lots of paintings. Suitable for all ages. See also Claude Monet gallery for more information about the author and his artwork, or the Artsy Monet¬†site which has extensive information about this artist and exhibitions of his work.

Van Gogh gallery – information about the post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh, with a gallery of his work. You can also visit the Van Gogh art history site.

Michaelangelo’s art – a site devoted to the life and works of the 16th century artist and sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Constable’s gallery – information and images of the famous English countryside painter in the Romantic period of art. There’s more biographic detail and more images at the Artble Constable page.

Picasso collection – images and details of many of this 20th century artist’s works. ¬†Also Picasso and his paintings which has more extensive biographical information.

Art for kids hub – a site with ideas for helping children learn to be artistic, a gallery of children’s artwork, and some suggested art projects. Well worth browsing.

Paper craft – download and print hundreds of designs, with instructions online, to create a wide variety of paper objects – animals, vehicles, national costumes, buildings around the world and much more. Something for all age groups.

Papier mache – excellent and thorough site explaining all that is needed for papier mache models, with several tutorials as well as some articles.

Kinder art – American site intended for home educating parents who want to teach art and craft formally. Hundreds of ‘lessons’ listing required resources for various projects – plenty of ideas, and they can always be presented informally!

Arts and crafts – a variety of different art suggestions, from details about drawing lifelike figures through to pottery and painting techniques. For older children and teenagers.

Blender 3d graphics – my sons’ favourite 3d modelling program. The program is freeware and downloadable from this site. Galleries show the kind of artwork that can be produced using Blender.

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