Home education links

There are many sites for home educators around the world, particularly in the USA. A search for ‘homeschool’ will produce thousands of them. Here are just a few home education links that may be of relevance to those home educating in the UK.

AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organisation) is a site about all kinds of non-traditional education – whether at home or in a classroom. Based in America but with useful information and resources for all.

A to Z Home’s Cool – a huge resource of homeschooling information. Most of it for those in the USA, but some is relevant and useful to anyone home educating. Links, articles, resources, local groups, regulations and more.

Education Otherwise is a home education ‘umbrella’ organisation in the UK. Membership costs about fifteen pounds sterling per year and includes a bi-monthly newsletter. There are helplines and some local groups organised by EO; the web site gives further details and some information about home education.

Home Education Advisory Service site gives more information and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Home Education UK is a resource site with information about local groups, children’s issues, education news, and mailing lists.

Homeschool Activities has extensive notes about one family’s home education adventure, by a mother who was herself home educated. Articles about home education in general and activities for children to try.

Let’s Homeschool has educational resources, primarily for Americans, but also with information about home education in New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

Ross Mountney’s Notebook is full of useful information about home educating, and some articles from her ‘Diary of a Home Educating Nobody’.

Scottish Home Education Forum offers information to parents in Scotland. The law is not quite the same as in England and Wales, although home education is becoming increasingly popular.

Suitable Education is a collection of research-based articles about how we learn, and why home education is appropriate in so many cases.

You might also enjoy the links for home educators’ blogs. Note that I include subject-specific or curriculum-related sites on my resources pages.