There is something about home education that changes the dynamics of family life. It’s not as simple as parents being ‘teachers’, because most learning happens spontaneously. Instead, families seem to grow closer as they learn together, and parenting becomes a joy.  At least, some of the time! Communication skills improve, and children and parents begin to respect each other as individuals.

Parenting articles

These articles answer some of the questions I wanted to know about when we set out on our home education. They also look at other questions which people have asked me. Some assume I must be an ‘expert’ because my children are now adults. Not true, but I have plenty of opinions and some experience. These pages are my personal viewpoints, often with links to other pages. I hope they will be helpful to anyone embarking on home education. They may be of help to any parents wanting to encourage their toddlers, children or teenagers in any way.

Raising bookworms – Why it is important to keep reading aloud to children – and teens!

Addicted to TV? – When TV takes over your child’s life and imagination.

Potty training – How and when to start, what method to use

Discipline – What does this mean? How does it differ from punishment?

To spank or not to spank? – A controversial question – is it ever right?

Jealous of the new baby? – When your toddler becomes angry with a new baby.

White lies – what happens when your child tells ‘stories’? Why does this happen?

Are all teenagers horrible? – Is it true that all teenagers are rebellious?

Understanding personality types – Understand your child’s personality preferences

Introvert or Extravert? – Is your child energised inwardly or outwardly?

Understanding temperament – Artisan, Guardian, Idealist or Rational?

Gifted children – What is giftedness? Helping gifted children to enjoy learning.

Attention deficit or highly spirited? – how can you tell the difference?

Clutter or Cleanliness? – Does it matter how tidy your house is?

Parenting theories – Some of the popular theories at the end of the 20th century

Books about parenting – Recommendations of some of my favourites

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