Home Education Articles

If you’re just starting to consider home education, or have recently taken your children out of school to educate them at home, you probably have all kinds of questions about what to do, how to help your children to learn, whether to use a formal curriculum, how to organise meals around home education, whether you’ll ever again get any time to yourself…These home education articles address these issues and more, from my perspective having ‘been there, done that!’.

I don’t have all the answers, by any means.  My style of home education may not work for your family situation, and your children may have totally different learning styles and interests from mine.  But these articles should at least give you a starting point.  They’re written primarly for British home educators, but are relevant to anyone, wherever you live.

Pros and cons of home education – Some of the advantages and potential disadvantages

Is home education time-consuming? – Do children need to work for hours daily?

Not anti-school but pro-choice in education – Are home educators anti schools?

Science and the home educated teen – If you never understood high school science…

Learning styles – Are your children visual, verbal, aural or kinaesthetic learners?

Multiple Intelligences – The seven intelligences recognised by many experts

A day in the life… – Is there a typical day for a home educating family?

Cooking for home educators – How do you organise meals while home educating?

Nutritious eating for home educators – what is healthy food anyway?

Unschoolers using curriculum? – A child-led approach may involve formal courses.

The curriculum minefield – A few pointers for home educators using curricula

Educating eclectically – How your children can enjoy learning through variety

What is education anyway? – The difference between school and education.

Is it legal? Is it lonely? – A few frequently asked questions about home education

Will home education limit a child’s achievement? – Will your child ‘lose out’?

How is your child motivated? – Is external motivation helpful in a child’s learning?

De-schooling – Your child is out of school – now take school out of the child!

Peer socialisation or peer pressure? – Is peer socialising in school a good thing?

The dreaded ‘S’ word (part 1) – Do home educated children cope with the world?

The dreaded ‘S’ word (part 2) – How do we help our children with social skills?

Starting a support group – What if there’s no local home education support group?