Home education mailing lists

The quickest and easiest way to find out more about home education used to be to subscribe to an Internet mailing list. These were free, and could only be read by subscribers. Messages written to mailing lists on sites such as yahoogroups were not available on the web for general viewing, although most had searchable archives for members.

However, in the past few years yahoogroups has closed down, and mailing lists in general have been superceded by social media, in particular Facebook groups. While there are still a small number of home educating groups on Google Groups, or Listserv, they have fewer and fewer posts related to home education. Far more information can be found online, or on local groups, either real ones meeting, or virtual ones on Facebook.

The oldest list, and the first one I found when beginning home education, was the UK-HOME-ED list.  It kept members aware of potential government investigations, or changes in the law which might have been relevant to education.  People could ask questions such as how to get started, or how to deal with adverse reactions to home education. It was particularly useful when newcomers are faced with questions from the Local Education Authority.  Unfortunately the only discussions in recent months have been controversial off-topic ones, so I can no longer recommend it.

Increasingly, local home education groups have their own mailing lists for letting folk know about meetings or outings, for discussing problems with their local education authority, or for anything else related to their area.

Since this page no longer has any useful information, other than for historical context, it will eventually be removed from the site when the links to it have been removed.