Home education in the media

This is a page of links to news articles in the past few years about home education in the media: in online versions of newspapers or television sites, primarily in the UK. Please let me know of any other appropriate articles, or if any of the links below no longer work.  Most recent articles are at the top.

Home education in the media: 2018

Why this Mumbai couple chose homeschooling (Yahoo India, 06-09-2018) – Another page about a family in India who have decided to home educate, due to the various problems in Indian schools. 

Pass the markers, it’s time for home schooling (Dickinson Press, USA, 04-09-2018) – An interesting and balanced account of a family with young children in the US who have chosen to educate them at home. 

Unschooling: a trend growing in high-tech cities (Kashmir Reader, India, 12-02-18) – An interesting and extensive article explaining the benefits of unschooling. Apparently it’s on the rise in several places in India. 


Home educating an autistic daughter (Coventry Telegraph, UK, 27-11-17) – A mother explains why her daughter found school overwhelming. They tried more than one, then found that home education is a better option. 

Increase in home education in Notts (Nottingham Post, UK, 26-11-17) – Report on the rise of home education in Nottinghamshire. The article gives some reasons for this. 

Toppling the misconceptions about homeschooling (TroyMedia, Canada, 20-09-17) – A thoughtful article about thinking outside the traditional schooling box. Quotes some research about successful home educators. 

Big rise in number of children schooled at home (Independent, Ireland, 19-07-17) – Informative article about the rise of home education in Ireland in the past few years. Some statistics, some personal stories, and good reasons to home educate. 

Homeschooling and unschooling on the rise, and the results look promising (SBS, Australia, 28-06-17) – A very encouraging article about the rise of informal home education in Australia. Several personal stories showing the benefits.

Why one Southampton mum chooses to homeschool her children (Southern Daily Echo, UK, 27-06-17) – Southampton has a huge rise in home education in the past year. This article discovers why one mother decided to take her children out of school. 

Education’s biggest trend – why home-taught kids are doing better (News.com, Australia, 13-05-17) – Research shows that home educated students in Australia outperform schooled children in many areas. Several anecdotes giving examples of different styles and results. 

Home education – reasons not to be afraid (Huffington Post, UK, 21-03-17) – A useful article for those worrying about the thought of home educating. Answers some commonly held questions, looks at good reasons to home educate. 

Americans are rejecting the homeschool ‘myth’  (Business Insider, UK, 23-01-17) – Related to homeschooling in the US. Tthis article shows that the ‘schooling at home’ or religiously-motivated home educators are no longer in the majority. It also demonstrates that many home educated students do better at college than those who were in US public schools. 


No school yet, please: we want to give our daughter a home start (Telegraph, UK, 26-11-16) – An interesting article about someone who has done their research. Demonstrating that home-based learning through play, at least until a child is seven, is usually more productive than structured classroom learning. 

The rise of the home unschoolers (Guardian, UK, 11-10-16) – Looking at the rise of autonomous ‘unschooling’ education and how it works. A helpful article that explains the ways that several families go about it. 

The children going ‘not back to school’ (BBC, UK, 12-09-16) – An encouraging look at some families who have chosen not to send their children to school for various reasons. Shows how widespread home education is becoming in the UK.

Ten good reasons to homeschool your child (Guardian, UK, 10-09-16) – Nothing new for those who home educate already, but some useful points for those considering the possibility. 

Home-schooling is the smartest way to teach kids in the 21st century (Business Insider, US, 20-08-16) – An excellent article debunking some myths about home education. Explains why it can lead to better-adjusted young adults, more suited to the work environment.

DIY schooling on the rise (Guardian, UK, 12-04-16) – A couple of extensive anecdotes about two different families who opted for home education. Statistics about why more families are taking this route.

Our best ever family decision: quitting school and jobs (Guardian, UK, 30-01-16) – interesting insights from a family who decided to opt out of ‘the system’ and travel instead.

Home education on the rise in Europe (World News Group, 21-01-16) – informative article about home education in Europe. Statistics from the UK and elsewhere, reasons to home educate. 

Meet the families where children blossomed after being homeschooled (Irish Examiner, Ireland, 20-01-16) – encouraging article about home educators with teenage or adult children who have flourished, and gone on to higher education after home educating for many years. 


Rising number of pupils home educated (BBC, UK, 21-12-15) – discussion of reasons why people choose to home educate, and why the number is fairly steeply on the rise in the UK. 

School’s Out: Home Education on the up in Wales (BBC, UK, 02-09-15) – useful article on several home educators in Wales with legal information included.


More families unschooling (Independent, Ireland, 26-03-14) – report on the increasing number of unschoolers in Ireland, including comments at the end from formerly unschooled people.

Next stop Europe! (Daily Mail, UK, 17-01-14) – adventurous home education for a couple with four children who are travelling the world in a vintage car.

Give childhood back to children (Independent, UK, 12-01-14) – a long and thought-provoking article; not about home education as such, but about the need for less formal schooling, less homework, less structure to children’s lives, and more time for play and creativity.


If UK children start school too early it could damage their learning for life (Guardian, UK, 10-12-13) – also not specifically about home education, but showing how important parental involvement and holistic learning is for at least the first six years of a child’s life.

Home schooling: if a child gets bored at school, blame the system (Telegraph, UK, 02-09-13) – what happened when a bright, eager child lost all her motivation after starting school.

A level results 2012: homeschooling as good as school (Huffington Post UK, 16-08-12) – a home educated student explains why he believes A-levels can be studied at home as easily as at school.

Meet Britain’s busiest mother (Telegraph, UK, 13-07-12) – about the lifestyle and relaxed home education style of a mother with eleven children


The rise of flexi-schooling (Guardian, UK, 05-12-11) – for some, the best of both worlds is to combine home education with some group activities at a local school.

More parents at home, teaching children themselves (Yorkshire Post, UK, 19-11-11) – excellent article about a family who educated both children at home; one is still a teenager, the other recently gained a PhD.

Home-schooling’s appeal spreads to mainstream (Reuters, USA, 16-03-2011) – factual report about the increase in home education throughout all relgions, income brackets and educational levels in the USA.

Why I home-school my children (Guardian, UK, 07-01-11) – a teacher of fifteen years decided to educate her sons at home; she explains her reasons and how it works for her.


If home-schooling is good for our children, it is for us to say (Telegraph, UK, 19-10-09) General article about how government regulation tends to decrease effectiveness in many areas. Well-argued reasons to reject proposals for compulsory registration and monitoring of home educators.

Home schooling – a vision of the future?  (Telegraph, UK, 11-04-09) James Bartholemew writes about his experience, home educating his daughter, and the many benefits. He also writes about changing attitudes to home education. He mentions a grant given by Essex County Council to six families who refused to send their children to a failing school. 

Are home-schooled children more vulnerable?  (Telegraph, UK, 20-01-09) Written just before the report on home education in the UK, launched by Baroness Morgan, this article is about Shara Ouston who has home educated six children, and believes home education to be the best option.


No school like home  (Guardian, UK, 19-08-08) Article about two home educating families, the Fishers and the Brookes, with commentary by two educationalists. About autonomous education, for the most part. Most take GCSEs, and some go on to university. 

Home education:  a class apart (Telegraph, UK, 12-04-08) Article about two young children, adopted from China, who have never been to school. They study at home, such subjects as classics, crafts, singing and so on. The children are delightfully outgoing and intelligent. 

State schools shunned for home education (Guardian, 08-02-08) General article about the increasing numbers of parents seeking alternatives to state education, in particular home education.


School’s out, forever (The Guardian, UK, 14-04-07) An article about the Newstead family. Their three sons do not go to school, and are educated according to their needs and interests. 

Faith fuels home education boom (BBC, UK, 23-03-07) Article about an American homeschooling family, who educate their son at home for religious reasons. 

School’s Out (Evening Gazette, UK, 27-2-07) Interviews with two Teeside families who opted for home education. They believe it to be much better for their children than going to school.

Home schooling numbers undertain (BBC, UK, 23-2-07) Discussion of uncertainty about numbers of British home educators, despite a study which attempted to discover the number.


When homeschoolers grow up (World Net Daily, USA, 4-2-06) Encouraging American article about the various careers and employment undertaken by many American young adults who were educated at home.

A class of their own (Observer, UK, 17-4-05) A lengthy article describing the lifestyle of two autonomously educating families. There is also useful information about home education in general.

Growth market in home education (BBC, UK, 18-3-05) A general article about reasons why increased numbers are turning to home education rather than sending their children to school.

School’s out forever (Guardian, UK, 2-2-05) An article explaining that education can take many forms. Experts also discuss how home education can work, without time-tables or formal studies.