About the site

My name is Sue, and I come from the UK. In 1997 I moved to Cyprus with my husband and our two sons. You can read about us at our family website or about our daily life at my Cyprus blog. We decided to try home educating for our first year in Cyprus, while we settled in.

The staff at the boys’ UK school encouraged us in this, although I assumed they would both go to school after the first year. They were nine and eleven when we moved. We quickly discovered the many benefits of home education, however, and kept going. The book ‘Free Range Education: How Home Education Works’, edited by Terri Dowty, has a chapter which I wrote. It explains more fully how we began our home educating, and why we decided to continue.

You can also read about some of our early forays into home education in the home education diaries at the family website. These give day to day descriptions, showing how we gradually moved from ‘school at home’ to a more eclectic style,

Daniel and Tim are now 30 and 28. Daniel worked for a year at the local youth theatre company and then spent four years working on the ‘floating book ship’ MV Doulos from January 2006 until it retired from service in December 2009. He now works in Carlisle, doing media and audio-visual work. He was married at the end of April 2011 to Becky, whom he met on the Doulos; their first child was born in June 2014. Daniel’s current activities can be found on his blog [email protected].

Tim worked for two years in Cyprus as a church organist, and studied for a certificate of higher education with the Open Theological College. He applied to university in the UK in January 2008, and was offered a place at Newman College in Birmingham, to study Theology for Education.

Tim graduated with a high 2:1 in the summer of 2011. He then completed an MA in Theology at Nottingham University at the end of 2013. While completing his studies he worked as a accompanist for two choirs and did IT support for a small business. He moved back to Cyprus for three years, and worked at a local school, teaching music and IT. He did his PGCE while there, and is now back in the UK, teaching music at a private school.

About the home-ed.info site

This site is now eighteen years old.

At the start of 1999, when we decided to continue our home educating – probably long-term – I did a lot of research online. Although I found many American ‘homeschooling’ sites, there were very few for British home educators.

My sons suggested I start a site of my own. I knew nothing about web-sites, but registered at a free site called Geocities, and launched my first pages on February 1st 1999. There was a positive reaction from people on UK home education mailing lists, and since I enjoyed writing, I added further pages. I then re-designed every couple of years to keep it looking reasonably modern.

In April 2006, someone who read my blog suggested that I move the site to its own domain, rather than Geocities. Richard offered me a bit of space on one of his servers, and I registered the domain name home-ed.info. I upgraded and edited as I moved the site, and launched the new version on May 1st 2006.

In the Summer of 2007 I went through every page – now about 120 of them – and cleaned up the HTML to make them compliant with W3C guidelines. This was time-consuming, and I wondered at the time if I would do better to use some kind of template, or stylesheet.

At the start of March 2008, I realised that I needed to do some more changes. One of the fonts I used was not showing on some computers, and the site was looking a bit dated. So I read a few tutorials on CSS. I found a template I liked and played around with it. Then in March 2015 I realised that I needed to make the site work with tablets and smart phones. Friends and family persuaded me to start using WordPress; after a steep learning curve, I think the switch was beneficial.

I hope the site is now consistent, and functional in all devices.  While my enthusiasm is lower than it was, I am continuing to add loosely educational pages to the site irregularly. I apologise for any broken links, missing images or other problems.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is:

email address for queries about this site